Your To-Do List for Land Clearing Work

It takes time and effort to clear a new piece of property. You will need to call in a land clearing company if you want to get a new house or development project underway, but agricultural purposes also require a fair amount of work to prepare a property. To do the job efficiently, you will need several large pieces of equipment, in addition to prepping for the job and cleaning up afterward. Use this checklist to keep track of progress and to know what to expect.

Have the Property Surveyed

Before you can start any work, you need to know where the boundaries on your property are. A property survey can also show you how many trees you have on the property and any potential worth they may have from selling them for lumber. This is potential income that could help pay for the land clearing.

Check on Zoning Ordinances

There may be restrictions on what you are allowed to do with your property. Local government ordinances may impact your plans for the property, but there could also be restrictions on what kind of permits need to be in place before any land clearing is done. Talk to the proper authorities before starting any work.

Research Clearing Companies

Knowing who you will be working with for land clearing is important, as the company will need to have the right equipment for the job. You don’t want to be paying for them to subcontract the work, and you don’t want a group that isn’t well-recommended or licensed. You want the entire job done, from the initial preparation and tree removal all the way to cleaning up once the clearing is complete. Talk to the company about potential erosion problems once the land has been cleared.

Trying to clear property on your own is not an easy task, nor is it recommended. Given the equipment and expertise needed, call in a professional to handle your clearing work.