Choosing the Best Land Clearing Options

Land clearing is a part of any commercial or residential land development. Although there are many clearing options, not all of them are equal when you consider environmental, monetary, and physical costs. It is important to know all your options when you are getting a piece of land cleared.

Bulldozing or Pushover

The pushover technique is what it sounds like. Large bulldozers and other heavy equipment push over trees and brush. This technique leaves holes that have to be filled and debris that has to be removed. Although this is considered an effective way to clear large areas, it is not necessarily the most efficient or cost-effective.


This land clearing method involves pulling down trees with heavy machinery by attaching a rope or chain to the tree and pulling it out of the ground. This is only marginally more cost-effective than bulldozing and still leaves large holes in the ground.

Pile and Burn

The pile-and-burn method is one of the cheapest clearing methods. Heavy equipment plows overall vegetation and piles it into several burn piles. The piles are then burned, provided there is no wildfire risk or burn ban in the area. Although this method is cost-effective, it can be delayed for weeks or months because of high winds, storms, or burn regulations.

Hand Clearing

Hand clearing is the least cost-effective but the most environmentally sound method of clearing land. It is great for smaller areas or areas with a high likelihood of encountering endangered or protected wildlife. With this method, a crew hand clears trees, brush, and undergrowth using a variety of saws and other tools. This method can be very time-consuming and will not completely clear the land.

You should choose the land clearing option that is right for you and your business. Most companies offer a variety of services depending on your needs.